Seventy- five years ago, a man had a dream and a community had a need. There were those who said he could not achieve his dream but there still was a need. How was he going to do it, where was he going to get the money and the support? But he would not let go of his dream. There were those who said he should build the upper church planned by Father Simmonetti. When he ask the advice of the people, the answer was clear. Build a School ! The man was Father Anthony Manno and the community was Saint Rita. Fr. Manno felt that a school would not only provide education for our youth, but also meet their spiritual needs.

Property on Shepherd Avenue was purchased and plans begun. A fund-raising drive was begun. The bulk of the money necessary for building the proposed school, was to be raised by calling upon individuals in the parish to make great personal sacrifices. There are many who may well remember those lean days when the task of going from home to home was undertaken by Father Manno. Some still have their contribution books from the drive.

The exceptional activities of Father Manno resulted in the building during 1926, as reported: " a substantial and attractive structure on Shepherd Avenue; a three-story parochial school of sixteen large and well-lighted classrooms, was soon a reality and rose almost as a monument to Father Manno's habitual smile and cheerfulness who directed his unbounded energy toward a parochial school building which any parish would be proud to possess. Besides other rooms, the large and architecturally correct auditorium has a seating capacity for 750 persons and is used also for Mass on Sunday, to supplement the limited capacity of the Church."

Next , Father Manno bought a six-room family house on the side of the Church and renovated it as a convent for the teaching staff. In August, 1927 a contingent of the School Sisters of Notre Dame arrived at the parish. On September 12, 1927, Father Manno's dream had finally become a concrete reality as the school was opened with an enrollment of 200 pupils. The number of students have grown , so that today we have 640 students with science labs, computers and after school enrichment programs. Saint Rita's School has also been granted Middle States Accreditation.

The type of basic education received by the pupils of Saint Rita's School has always proven to be very thorough. This fact is made clearly evident by the success of so many of the graduates. We have numbered among our graduates men and women who have been successful in both professional and non-professional fields.


WEATHER EMERGENCIES: Listen to radio stations 1010 WINS or to 880 WCBS for information regarding emergency school closings.


Children are admitted to our school in September of the year in which:

  • they turn four years old, for the pre-kindergarten;

  • they turn five years old, for the kindergarten;

  • they turn six years old, for the first grade.

At the time of admission parents/guardians must provide:

  1. a copy of the child's birth certificate

  2. an immunization record, indicating compliance with state immunization requirements ( No shots, No School)

  3. If the child has been baptized, a copy of the baptismal certificate.

Transfer students seeking admission to grades two through eight must also provide a copy of the latest report card from the school they are currently attending. All students must be interviewed by the principal before being accepted to our school.

If you are interested in seeking admission, fill out the attached form and Fax us for an interview at ( 718) 827-2767 or bring it to the school.

Click here for a printer friendly copy of the registration form.